In my cuisine, I’m looking for the pure essence, the true nature and the identity of a product in order to enhance it. Without any flashiness, a bit like a tune that has first to be refined to the extreme, retaining only a few notes, before it can be fully revealed in a final composition.

As with music, a perfect mastery of one’s scales, one’s range and gestures is essential. Technique serves to reach a balanced combination of all the elements. Provided that one knows and appreciates them, it is perfectly possible to associate all products, even the most diverse!

From land to sea, from mountains to plains, from Jura to Aude, all terroirs are meant to meet, separate and meet again. This is the deeper sense of the paths in life, of my own personal history. My temperament urges me on to experiment, beyond cultural obstructions, this search for balance between very different products, very different histories. Perhaps better than I myself would be able to express it, my dishes indicate an open mind conducive to encounters of contrasts. The most beautiful of encounters.


The restaurant

A perfect setting for appreciation

In the midst of greenery at the foot of the ramparts of the medieval citadel, Franck Putelat has imagined a place of graphic elegance, like a brilliant setting.

A balance of contrasts

Setting the stage for my cuisine

Faithful to its cuisine, to the astonishing blends and unexpected balances, the place reflects the matching of food, flavours, textures and spirits.
The flames dividing the space are proof of the control over fire and temperature, of nature expertly managed and reconstructed both on the plate as well as in the decor and the structure of its elements.

Authenticity and a sense of materials

My roots and my way

Once again, the choice of materials illustrates the Jura and mountain methods. Anchored in an obvious simplicity and the land of welcome at the end of the road: The Medieval City of Carcassonne and its medieval atmosphere.


My menu

My home is my passion, cooking is my expression

Only for lunch

from Tuesday to Friday

Depending on the seasons, a trip to the butcher, return of the auction and a bend in my vegetable garden, set out to conquer new senses.
My Classic Menu - Inspiration, in 3 courses, where my imagination is devoted to your palate.

Lunch or Dinner

To start salty appetizer around the nest


Tarbouriech oyster, Beef filet tartare, Puffed potatoe, Huitrima


Monkfish cooked on the bone, Timut pepper, Shallot in Vinegar from Cyril Codina

À la cuiller…

Guinea fowl, red paw crayfish, Riz de Marseillette « cramé », Jus corsé


Fresh and matured cheeses from the region and abroad


Strawberry from pur garden, Mature black olives , Refreshing strawberry emulsion

Mignardises et confiseries


180€ with food and wine pairing


disponible au déjeuner le Samedi et Dimanche

To start salty appetizer around the nest


Biju, potatoe from our garden, Shell, Glasswort, Oscietre caviar


Oyster from Jean-Christophe Giol, Beef filet from Fajac-en-Val, Shallot in vinegar from Cyril Codina, Monalisa puffed potato


Duck foie gras from Mitteault, Cranquette soup, Rouille, Safran pistil from my friend Gérard

En croûte de sel…

Langoustine, Bacon from Colonnata, Confit of lemon, Iodized juice


White asparagus, Onions from Lézignan, John dory


Pigeonneau from Mexicots in Lauragais, White bean from Castelnaudary, Morteau sausage


Fresh and matured cheeses from the region and abroad


Vanilla from Madagascar, Crunchy chocolate from Valrhona, Lemon caviar and Olive oil

Mignardises et confiseries


Duck foie gras from Mitteault, Cranquette soup, Rouille, Safran pistil from my friend Gérard


330€ with food and wine pairing

I compose at your convenience a menu in three acts,
Accompanied by a drink

For our young guests under 15



Hôtel Le Parc

In elegance, style and comfort, embark on a journey to thrill your senses.

With the refined elegance of its seven guest rooms, the 4-star hotel Le Parc allows visitors to the Citadel of Carcassonne to live through an authentic journey. A unique experience, a parenthesis outside time, whisked away from everyday life only to give way to intense emotions – those that reveal an inventive and flavourful cuisine, in an exceptional place, serene and full of charm.



Tuesday - Saturday
Service 12:00am & 7:00pm


Hôtel LE PARC - La Table de Franck PUTELAT

80 chemin des Anglais - 11000 CARCASSONNE - France

Contact us

(+33)4 68 71 80 80